After watching this video for Njoki Ndungu nashindwa who actually lobbies for women's issues. How can female cds be 400 bob? And sanitary pads were categorised as luxury items? Wow! I thought there's lobby groups like ile ya Lichuma that follows women issues. Am surprised hakuna awareness on the issues. Im currently following the 6 month maternity bill by my former MP Gatobu. Im also follwing other pieces of legislation for women like surrogacy bill. Im however getting the feel like kuna vacuum hakuna lobby groups aggresively pursuing women interests. We need that two thirds gender rule like yesterday although wale wako what advances are they making for we womenfolk? Ama ni kujaza tuu viti? We need a scorecard but najua Passaris will do a killer job.


kah tony

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I feel like if women like you are the ones representing them hakuna vile hizo bills zitapita.
The reason your titles are always in capital is because you're narcissistic. I just realized.


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Passaris is already expressing idiocy of the highest levels acting like a Naswa Kondoo. What she is doing defies logic and that is why i always say Naswa is a curse and supporters of Naswa are either cursed or intellectually challanged. HAS TO BE EITHER. There is no rationale in supporting Ojinga and his poverty lordship. Passaris unfortunately is becoming a cheerleader and no development can happen when one becomes an Ojinga clown.


last time I checked Uhuru signed a bill where all female students are to be given sanitary pads for free in school