View it this way women are a house and men are tenants

The house has to be advertised to attract the most desirable tenants so its painted attractively,finishing is down well interior decorations are on point.
women wear miniskirts, lipstick, bleach their skin to advertise for tenants.

a whore or slut is a house renting lower than the current market price its cheap so it attracts as much tenants as possible.

a woman who refuses to give up sex quickly and insists on spending on her first nikama wale agent hukugonga mafees haziko before upate nyumba
sijui ulipie mita ya stima, sijui mwenye alitoka hakulipa maji e.t.c. or she can be a house that is renting higher than the current market price.

when you marry you buy the entire house but the problem is that it quickly starts getting cracks on the walls the painting wears off and very soon
modern, cheaper, better houses have taken the market.

a beutiful woman is like an expensive mansionet in karen that is given out for public bidding only the highest bidder gets the house.

A rich tenant can rent any house he wants except those which have been bought already.