women vs riches

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Damme ametoka kwa familia iko na kakitu mbaya so that exasperates the problem further.
Nikuitie @gashwin?

I think you intended to use

3rd person present: exacerbates
make (a problem, bad situation, or negative feeling) worse.
"the forest fire was exacerbated by the lack of rain"
synonyms: aggravate, worsen, inflame, compound; More

antonyms: reduce


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your woman plays a big/major role in your success or failure story, be it economic or social.
Look at my friend Tuju, the wife totally demolished him, he lost confidence and influence. With his brains and wealth he can't play front line he has been reduced to back office duties courtesy of the woman in his life.
ukijaribu kuongea mbele ya watu wanakuambia enda tame bibi kwanza ndo ukuje look at my brother wetangula huwa anaulizwa ni bibi tutakupigia ama kura ndo tutakupigia
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