Women who pay bills for men then feel used


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How else did you think that you were going to feel? LOL. Women make me happy. You pay fees for a grown man, rent, buy him clothes Yaani hata kama ni desperation this is taking it too far. Anyway endeleni kutumiwa since yall dont want to use your head. Do you need a diagram to show you that God created men as givers and women as receivers. Anytime you as a woman are not on the receiving end, you are doing what homosexuals do, perversion of the natural order, the only giving part of the female body is the breast and that one is for the baby not for a grown gorilla ati unamlipia rent. If I had a daughter and I found her doing this, I would drug her, akilala, I look for ropes, tie her up very well, get a very good nyahunyo, nitoe ngue nibaki na sports bra na tights za gym nivae sports shoes. I beat the devil out of her mpaka nyahunyo iishe, such that the next time she sees a man extending an open hand to her, it will be like she has seen the devil himselof.