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Mods mniruhusu I post this on this forum...

How many guys are aware of the on going Women's World Cup?? Better yet where is it being held?? Well I can accommodate your ignorance because women's football has a long way to go to be on the men's level. In addition the promotion of this tournament through adverts has been minimal.

Let me fill in you in on the current progress of the cup... Only four teams remain; Germany, USA, England and Japan. Tonight it's Germany vs USA in the first semi final. Tomorrow England vs Japan.

Kwa leo naomba USA ishinde because Germany did France dirty but I want Japan who are the defending champions to win.

Advantages of the women's game

1. Mtu kama @kush yule mnono anaeza kawasaki for the whole 90 minutes with a recovery time during the half time. Cheki kitu swafi kama hii Swafi.jpg

2. Mtu kama @kamau anaeza place bet apate pesa ya kukamua momo
3. Watu kama @Purr_27 na @Female Perspective wanaeza jua venye wanaume like their balls juggled (I did something there)
4. Ball ya madame aina fouls mob alafu mtu akikanyagwa sio kama machali ku play act manzi anarauka mara hio hio. I am sure watu wa Man U can relate because of Di Maria na Ashley Young :D
5. Zzz

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I remember a time I was passing time watching chics playing football during University sports day, it was slow its like they were playing in slow-motion. At times I found myself kicking an imaginary ball thanks to their annoyingly slow pace.
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