Woofer quality


Village Elder
A good subwoofer Will highly depend on the power( amplifier)...you can have the best subwoofer in the market but without the right power to complement it ...it’s shit. Na hii ni kazi ya vijana wa campo when your balls sag a little bit more utaona hii ni upuzi.


Village Elder
Majamaa woofer mzuri ya keja less than 9k inafaa kuwa na qualities gani? Mtu aliniambia ati kwanza isikuwe less than 9000watts
hakuna woofer ya 9000watts, unaongea kuhusu woofer ama subwoofer. for a dummy like you about sound let me educate you. those two are not the same. plus even the best subwoofer doesnt handle more than 1000watts. kama ni ya nyumba. zile zimefikisha 1000watts ni za clubs and public address. do your homework well boy and know what your looking for.