Praise Jesus,bless His holy name. Today,I want to speak to us as Kenyans.

Throughout my tough times in life,the songs of the servant of God Minister Jimmy Gait speak deeply to me. He has a gift to minister to those in the valleys of life.

There's a song where Minister Jimmy Gait,says kama wewe ni mgonjwa kumbuka Mungu hana magonjwa,kama uko na shida Mungu hana shida. As Christians we atimes forget that the God we turn to is not like us. He is not finite.He is not mortal.He is sovereign.He is immutable. He is infinite.He is omnipotent. He is God.

We go to God without confidence. We go to Him the way we go to another man.Doubting,asking, ataweza kweri????!!!! That is not the attitude we need as believers. Our faith in God must be ironclad. Like Abraham's faith who waited for one child for 25years and never doubted that God's promise to him would come to pass. Like the Samaritan woman's faith who would give up even after Jesus told her off.

Our country is in crisis yes! Yet nothing greater than many we see in the Bible that God sorted out. Kenya has not reached the point of casting lots over whose baby will be eaten because there is a famine to that extent. To be very frank, as Kenyans we have not seen much in the way of problems. Our neighbors Rwanda has seen death of over a million people.For us, something like this is something we can't even comprehend, if today 10 people die in one day the entire country is filled with shock. In Rwanda close to 10,000 people were being slaughtered daily. Yet look at them now. In the valley of dry bones God is turning things around.

The enemy knows how dear Kenya as a country is to the heart of God and this is why he's working round the clock to destroy the country. However, if you look at Kenya, you see clearly a supernatural hand at work. God always intervenes for us. Kenya is a Christian country. Kenya is dedicated to Yahweh.

All we need as believers is to turn our attention from what is happening around us.Our tribe.Our political party.Our presidential candidate.Turn our eyes up.Turn our homes. Our pulpits. Our workplaces.Our places of businesses.Into altars,speaking the promises of God. Focused on God's word.Not on the situation or politics.

What does God's word say,in 2Chronicles 7:14 ? If My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves, repent their sins, call upon My Name.I will hear them from heaven and heal their land.

So since its obvious we are in dire need of healing. Our economy needs healing.Our social fabric needs healing.Even our health system needs healing.Every area of our lives needs healing. As a believer I atimes go to pray for Kenya and just weep because as a humanbeing Im just overwhelmed and in my human mind I can't make head from tails of just about everything in Kenya. So often I weep and say to God, I don't know what to pray about because everything is so overwhelming!

Today,Im reminded,when Im overwhelmed, God does not have any situation no matter which one and there have been many throughout history of the world. So when I go to God before I think of my problems and Kenyas problems.Let me think about who I am going to and let that knowledge and truth bring faith and calm in my heart. As another Minister says, don't tell God how big your problems are,tell your problems how amazing,how loving,how good and how powerful your God is.

Why could Jesus sleep in the storm? He knew He created the storm. Let the Prince of Peace reign in our hearts! Let Him help our unbelief.Our shortcomings as believers.Let Him forgive, sanctify and strengthen our faith in Him.So that we can take up our position on His altar as priests to be coworkers with God for His perfect will for Kenya to come to pass. Amen.

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