world suicide prevention day

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Senior Villager
Depression and suicide are
silent killers. Silencing the
voice of the hopeless and those
who call themselves the
damned. What people don’t
know is that you can’t just “get
over it” and you can’t turn the
other cheek and be happy all of
a sudden. What people don’t
understand is that depression
can be created inside a person
within hours or days, but can
take a lifetime to be completely
healed from. What people don’t
understand is that self harm
isn’t a joke to ever be made,
nor is it a method of gaining
attention, but rather a cry for
help by any of those who are
But depression can be
defeated. It may be war, but
anyone can beat it. If you
think you see or know someone
who needs the help, and who
needs a push, then don’t waste
a moment to get involved with
that person. All it takes it one
person to change someone’s
world completely. Suicide is the
leading cause for death in the
world. But it can be prevented.
The lit candle represents the
burning spark to be saved. For
as long as there is hope, the
fire will always burn. In
support of World Suicide
Prevention Day, please wear the
color yellow in any form to
support the cause, and to
support those who need help.
Suicide is a permanent solution
for a temporary proble
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