Would you feel guilty??

In Moi university somewhere in Keses, I had a shiny eye girl friend who cut links with me cos I was poor. 15 years down the line, I meet her on the streets of Nairobi in my grey range rover sport. The woman ended up with five children from five different men. None of the mother fuckers supports his child. The woman is jobless as they come. I have been thinking what to do. Of course slices is a no go zone.
Which type of trouser is that?
He didn' go through the whole cycle of healing process . A step was missed and that's why the grudge was held that long .

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@Lucern wewe ni dr.Love colleague hivi? I need counseling kabla ya niende bonkers
I would gladly go to the funeral to confirm that she is indeed dead.
Thts so like me. N now I believe it wen my wife says that the trait most outstanding in me is UNFORGIVENESS.
Case in point, I was so bitter after a best friend to my late old man messed us up during his (my old man's) burial, that I didn't go to his.
And I can gladly keep a grudge hata 5 years or 10


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It is very painful from both angles.

However it must be noted that a lady sleeping around is the height of disrespect to a man. Had she been genuine she would have later sought him out and apologised and even if the relationship ended she would have assuaged his pain.

She still looked at him as a fool that is why she could only look for him to get cash and then to go further she caused a scene to embarrass him.

Please guys don't take this matter simply. I have seen a man whose wife went and had a kid with another man chased him from house to SQ. Finally she organized his killing and took over all his land. She viewed him as trash and that never changed.


I heard this on the radio and I want you guys to tell me what you would do if you were in such a situation...There is this dude that loved a lady so much during his campus days.

The lady however didn't care. She played around with the dude's heart and banged whoever she wanted. He caught her cheating several times. Being a pu**y whipped idiot, he forgave her each time. Well, she got pregnant and dropped out in 3rd year. It happened at a party and the guys she was sleeping with avoided her like a disease.

Fast forward. 5 and a half years later when the guy is at work he gets a call from the reception saying that someone wanted to see him. He was surprised to see his old gf standing there. Instantly the hatred he had towards the lady was re-ignited. He turned around and started going back to the office. The lady caused some drama and before security could toss her out, the guy decided to hear her out.

The lady wanted some financial help. Around 70k. for her kid's surgery and the guy was the only person who she thought would give a damn. Of course the guy had grown up and didn't want to hear any of her shit. He reminded her of all the pain she had caused him and told her to go fuack herself.

Two days later he gets news that the lady had committed suicide. Her kid died due to lack of funds for the operation. The guy feels guilty but I think otherwise. He said that it's a problem he could have easily solved since he had the cash and probably save the child's life. Personally, if you fool me once, thats on me. But twice? Sigwesi!
If I had the cash, I'd have paid for the kid directly to the hospital and not give her cash. Medical and education are the only contributions I give.