Writing Prompt : Due to a clerical error, the witches receive the wrong book of spells; a book of summoning lemons.

All was set. Everyone was gathered around The Table. Men and women would fulfil their desires that night. They had long desired and hungered for this one moment. They shared a great bond that had lead them to be in that room at that particular time. The bond shared was different from person to person. Some of it had come to be by blood, some of it by amare, the unexplainable force that flowed on Terra, powerful as the life force itself.

Mater was late again. She had gone on a mission and she wasn't back already leaving Pater to lead the summoning. He was anxious. No matter how many times he had done this, he was always anxious. He held the newly acquired Book of Oriza recipes in his slightly trembling hands.

He had been preparing for this. They all had agreed on the most basic chant to test out the newly acquired spells. He started the chant.

"Ego conjuro te Rutacae..."

"Stop,it's the wrong book..."Mater shouted.

"Citrae," Pater finished the chant.

Mater had rushed into the room, shouting the warning but it had been too late. They all now looked at each other, alarmed.

Smog suddenly filled the table. There was flashes of light and sudden quiet. The men and women moved closer to see what Pater had conjured. There in the plates, sat small wrinkled oranges instead of boiled rice.
They named the strange oranges Lemons, as they were quite sour. They added sugar to the Lemon's juice and named it Lemonade.

Amare - Love in Latin
Terra - Earth in Latin
Pater and Mater - Father and Mather Rutacae Citrae - Lemons
Conjure - conjure