Wtf is happening in laikipia?


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Dagoretti is one of the biggest abattoirs in Nairobi, the number of cattle culled to feed Nairobi butcheries like Burma is amazing, its big bussines in cattle trading, hizo ng'ombe ni za watu wazito, the make millions and they are just seated in big offices in nairobi.


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my take,
1. pastoralism has no place in the 21st century. its time these people agreed to settle down and embrace modern ranching, take their kids to school and contribute to national cake. right now we have a scenario where every time there is a drought we have to give them food aid and yet they dont seem to want to change their way of life. they sell their cattle when they are dying rather than when they are fat. what sort of a business model is that?
2. rangeland management. the single biggest cause of drought in northern frontier is not the climatic condition but overgrazing. you will find a person has over 1000 goats and hundreds of cows whereas the land can only sustainably support half of that. County governments need to something about this seriously.
3. while i do not condone the action of the police, it was the only way to get them out. @imei2012 i know you are familiar with the concept of fait accompli, and i believe that this is what these herders were up to. Remember they moved in sometime in April and have now come back. before long they would have become a permanent presence in those ranches and would be harder to get rid of them in the future and thus establishing new facts on the ground. tenure. you forget that this is not idle land that the herders are moving into but land owned by individuals. how they acquired that land non withstanding, the person enjoys all protections offered by the law unless a lawful process is followed to dispossess them of the same. it is not just ranchers who are complaining but alo small scale farmers who bought shares/land in laikipia.
5. wildlife. laikipia has the second largest population of elepahnts in the country after Tsavo. the rate at which these pastoralists were killing them was crazy. had this not happened, you would be here complaining about elephant poaching.
all in all, it does not look good but it was the best decision to make , any delay would result in future action at a higher cost.[/QUOTE/]

Do you read what you write before posting? When has robbing someone of a way of life (though seemingly outdated) ever been the best decision? Are you so much blind to the right thing to do that you defend police brutality? How do you sleep at night huh? Jeez