Village Elder
Do you ever meet that random guy by the washrooms. some of us were told countless times by our teachers we could never catch anything. so in a sick way you must feel lucky to catch their glances, as they stagger out struggling with their zipper. A normal " niaje" breaks the silence & you curse it ; why it always have to be so fragile. you hold that thought & hesitate for a moment as though contemplating on wether to respond or not but its more of thinking on wether to exchange a fist for a pleasantry. i mean wtf dude? while they think maybe u tryna recall wea you " met" your thinking just why for fucks sake couldnt they struggle as much with their mouths as they zipper. sadly u respond anyway. get down to ur business then as you also stagger out do the exact same shit.


Village Elder
Yaani we're discussing important issues like the government burning down gikomba so that 'wamama wa raira' don't buy second hand grandma panties to moon the distinguished 'Nairobi Business Owners' and you're here discussing urinal etiquette.... ........ RWNEBP

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