18+ Yaani women can be this thirsty? waaah

:D:D:D:D ladies, ladies. Yet anotha egzambo of why you should behave like a chic always. Ukileta mwanaume juu tryna fight a man, utafiambwa. Act like a lady, you be treated as one. Act like a biatch, you be treated like one. Usijipigishe ngumi bure :p:D:D:D


Village Chief
1. Bumboclaat

One of the most popular swear words in Jamaica. Though this word doesn't have an actual meaning or english translation, it is mostly used as an exclamation of shock, surprise, anger, frustration or for any other intense emotions.

This term is sometimes combine with other Jamaican expletives such as bloodclaat or p**syclaat. For example, bumbo-bloodclaat or bumbo-p**syclaat.

Bumboclaat is actually a very vulgar swear word so you can get arrested for using it around police officers as well as dismissed from a class or formal business place.