Yaliyopata Jubilee convoy huko Mwingi


Village Elder
Ujinga ni kuwa, they think that by doing this watu wataona hawatakikani huko. Ikiwa huko ni opponents strongholds, the sympathisers are always quiet and subdued. By so being, the thickheads wrongly think that they are not there. When the voting is eventually done and the results are announced that's when they realise how silly they were by believing a lie!
This is bordering on idiocy..... How the f**k do you compare someone who call the president a drunkard and a person/"lady" who calls for other ladies to raped???:mad::mad:
That is just an example. It seems what you want is a similar example, A campaigner can also go to Gatundu and call Uhuru a rapist since he faced rape and murder charges at the ICC. It is true but he will be very lucky if he walks out of Gatundu in one piece.