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Yall shit just got real, neighbor's surveillance cameras show that the missing boys didn't return with their adopted dad

I am on this case like white on rice, crime junkies. Here is the video proving that the boys didn't come home with the adoptive parents. This idiots think they can fool FBI? Aqua search has joined the search team. Drones, name it.

This should be the point where FBI separate this couple and interview them separately. I know the wife will crack after a few hours of interrogation. This woman better take a plea deal coz this her black husband children trafficker is Mos Def the master mind of the entire thing. These kids are not in the picture since September. They never left Bakersfield. None of the neighbors have seen the two boys since the Wests moved to Cal City from Bakersfield. One of the kids had a fractured leg, where was CPS? This case will expose the rot in child foster and adoption systems. A jobless man gets paid to adopt 4 children when he has 2 of his own? Out of the frying pan into the fire. From a drug addicted single mom with multiple baby daddies to child traffickers who want to make money from kids. Btw the surveillance video starts at 5.30.
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