Yerro Yerro Caught Stealing at Cleanshelf Rongai


Village Elder
Not quite because niko na siri za mabeshte which could send them to jail and others that I could blackmail them with. Someone like this probably doesnt have close friends, she just needs to relocate elsewhere and start over. Ive seen people who have committed murder known by entire towns do it and start over just like that. She just stole teabags . Kenyans especially are too busy with their own stressors to be holding stealing a teabag over someone's head. Life goes on. She is young. Its no biggy unless it goes on her good conduct but even that she can get it expunged. This Is Kenya.Kama watu wako na sex tape wanaolewa sembuse huyu?
Kwanzaa land cs, and nobody gives a shit.


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We were the best of friends a long time ago. We lost touch. Hapa i cant help you. I cant believe she is here now. I hope she is alright
Help her man,if you can,I wouldn't want someone I know to be in that situation even if they are wrong.But pia chunguza kama ni kleptomaniac coz unaweza msaidia leo,kesho arudie
yea..but before parading her photos on social media maybe they could have also paraded the clip showing her crime first..mbona kesi za akina mwilu ndio evidence ikianikwa kabla kesi tunatumia clause ya "right to privacy" kumaliza kesi...
Parading loot that came out of her underwear and other nooks and crannies is sufficient.

I'm sure that you'd not have been spirited in your advocacy if she'd been the usual fatty-thighed momo that is normally paraded. ;-)


Village Elder
Looks like something she is used to. She looks smart, which places her above suspicion. If she can gather the guts to do that in public, what is she capable of in private?. But again, she could be just a spoilt kid who does it for the kicks. Those food items do not come cheap and anyone who has a palette for such must have afforded them at some point.
Mimi sitambui...she can still gelll it!

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