You get whuot you pray fooo


Village Elder
Did you know that when you choose the wrong path in life, satan also chooses you and starts mentoring you. he even clears your way and make it easy for you, so that you can go nyweeee up to hell. This is because of something I have noticed with most people.
I have seen this giraffe high wishes in peoples bucket list of the type of Man or woman you, handsome, stable, sijui thare four bae, romantic/curvy,beautiful etc... Unfortunately 99% wishes lack the "God fearing character."
Two years down the line when your house becomes a small Vietnam or kismayu coz of wars.. You running to social media with those church posts... Ooh I am trusting God to heal my relationship.... Bla bla friend are you conning God or something? You asked for earthly spouse but you want a Godly marriage? Isorait continue playing hide n seek with God.
Your lightening is waiting for the verdict of Supreme Court.