you have to get your loan from CBA's Stawisha by force otherwise you go to Kamiti


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Borrowers who take up expensive loans to be fined KShs 1 million or jailed for one year
"Borrowers will be fined up to Sh1 million or jailed for a maximum term of one year if found to have accepted loans above the rate cap if Parliament adopts a bill that seeks to entrench legal limits on lending rates.
The proposed law change seeks to impose the penalties to all persons in breach of the cap in lending rates as opposed to the current legal regime that punishes banks and their CEOs." Business Daily

Mr Black

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Acha kudanganya raia oyaa, the bill that advances this penalty is one by Jude Njomo which is supposed to replace the original interest rate cap bill before the 1 year the court gave parliament to address the loopholes in the original rate caps law lapses. Under this bill anyone who takes a loan whose interest rate exceeds the CBR rate+4% threshold will be penalised alongside the bank.

Stawi on the other hand is a mobilephone loan which does not fall in this category although Parliament is considering placing caps on those too but that is still a long way off.