You men don't listen

Andrew Kibe

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Look at this now:

I've told you countless times, do not marry a single mother. Mtapelekana wapi? People try to rationalize but tell me this have you ever heard of an evil stepfather ama it's the woman who is always the evil stepmother?
The single mother doesn't give a rats ass about you and your love. She's just fulfilled to have the lifetime insurance against her earlier mistake of not using protection.
Anyway, a single mother should be supported by her relatives not you. You'll be dishing out money to a woman who's still getting tarimbo from the baby daddy and the kid will grow up to tell you harsh stuff akifika adolescence like "you're not my real dad."
Huyo apo juu amenaswa. It's funny because both are in a show called 'Sue & Johnny' where this lady allows her baby daddy back in her life.
If a lady has a kid from a previous relationship you have no business doing anything with her. When young girls see single mothers struggle they will tread cautiously.
instead you've shown them that it's okay.


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woman who is always the evil stepmother?
I think you are watching too many afrocinema movies...
Men can be wicked!! They'll sexually assault the kids... And later threaten them!! Either way let men be, sometimes their brains go blank and numb...
At the end of the day if you are comfortable with the situation you are in just try to make it better...
Theory never leads anyone anywhere...


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A friend tried it and bailed out after 3 months. Another tried it and bailed out 6 weeks later. Even where the kid lives with her parents away from home, the burden of upkeep is always somehow transferred to the guy, one way or another (single mothers are very high maintenance). It took a guy 6 months to realize that. When living with the kid, it took the second guy just six weeks to realize he had bitten more than he could chew. Both were not okay using their hard earned resources raising other men's seeds.
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