you should learn a thing or two about kanyari

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Senior Villager
I finally got round to watching the
whole investigative piece from Jicho
Pevu last night and I'm wondering
why no-one is stating the obvious.
Kanyari is smart, focused and very,
very talented.
Business, Brand-strategy and
management lessons we can learn
from Doctor-Prophet-Pastor Kanyari.
1. Define your target market, know
your target market, define their
2. Meet the needs of the target head
on. I need a job, I need healing.
3. Inspect what you expect.
4. Brand delivery focus. His is
singular. Healing, through prayer and
water and 310/=
5. Market the brand attributes and
promises consistently - simamisha
Mbegu, Tuesday service, kunywa maji
6. Kanyari is also a study in great
human resource management - His
choir also worked as: his call centre,
his assistants, his research team,
customer service centre, accountants,
ushers and sales team.
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