You think DIGI is bad? Sample this from the low Standard


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What is happening here. Inakaa campaigns zilikuwa chini ya maji!

Was BBI team (Building Bridges Initiative)consulted?

Team Lootall rejects this considering the news were broadcasted by Standard Media fully owned by a political rival.

IEBC distances themselves from the above results citing lack of nomination elections and not being involved in the tendering of the election materials.

Matiangi declares the results tear gas free and gazettes a public holiday to celebrate "Upuusi Day"


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it was a flop in terms of ratings. KTN had tried to make it their flagship show but it didn't gain traction. If you look at the geopoll trends for the times it was on air, you'll see zero movement in terms of viewership. The producers had tried to bring it where I was before but I called their bull because the production costs were sky high.
HOwever on Sundays, NTV gets a large spike during the Churchill hour.