Young people are angry with the president's remarks!

Do you support the presidents sentiments

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    Votes: 8 24.2%
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    Votes: 21 63.6%
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eg who as compared to which old guys?
If i mention a couple of my home MCAs sijui kama utawajua,sidhani utawajua,they are a good example coz me and many know their background and their current status....they are also not addressing their main agenda that saw them being elected.
You also need to note that any appointment a young fella,it has to be a sycophant or someone close to those bigshot(read family member)
Atleast no old guard has been appointed in my backyard for comparison


Nonsense!!! The biggest thieves in this country are old people. It all started with a senile old man, Jomo Kenyatta and the rest followed.
I didn't say otherwise i just affirmed that even the young guys are following the same trend once they land those posh jobs or appointments.NHIF,KPC,KP,NCPB all are being led by young people


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Uhuru should call Emmanuel Macron. Not right away but later today because the latter is putting out bush fires all around him in the city of lights.

Arrogance is not a good quality. Si mlijionea Kanju Chief wa Ktalk juzi?
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There was a tread that was laid way back in the 60s...we have not moved an inch away from the it. And we are not moving away soon since every generations follows the footsteps of it predecessors.


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Politics trumps all else. For him it was politically important to put that guy there and issue a statement like "young men steal" and leave kenyans ruminating over this statement but at the end of the day, he did what was important to him and his family going forward