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  1. utaskia ata leo atapiga kelele. Yule jamaa akilalamika mbona waKisii wamekutembelea Statehouse ni Kama ameambiwa yeye ndio ataosha vyombo baadaye
  2. montecarlo

    montecarlo Village Elder

    I would hate to be on Ruto's bad side
  3. spear

    spear Village Sponsor

    DP Uncle Ruto at his best and shockingly he has yet to reach his Prime.

    By the time the rerun is over, so will the race for 2022. Opposition will regret forcing a rerun that finish off the opposition even further.
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  4. Budspencer

    Budspencer Village Elder

  5. FieldMarshal CouchP

    FieldMarshal CouchP Village Sponsor

    He he he he he he he he!
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  6. Randy

    Randy Village Elder

    Expect those idiots to respond this.....:D
  7. bababibitoto

    bababibitoto Village Elder

  8. mkiawakati96

    mkiawakati96 Village Elder

  9. kwido

    kwido Village Elder

    cant wait for 09/08/2022.
    Saa kumi na mbili asubuhi naweka WSR ndani ndani ndaaani kabisa. Inshallah
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  10. Theuri wa kigogoine

    Theuri wa kigogoine Village Elder

    sweep za Ruto hakuna mtu hujibu.
  11. blueline

    blueline Village Elder

  12. Supu don

    Supu don Village Elder

    Hahahahha.... president in waiting...
  13. ziga

    ziga Village Elder

  14. kingolonde

    kingolonde Village Elder

    :D:D:D:D Politics ingekua na rules kama ball Ruto angepewa season long suspension!
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  15. Kenyan Troll

    Kenyan Troll Village Elder

    :D:D:D huyu akona bright future with Churchill politics zikimbore
  16. Fala 12

    Fala 12 Village Sponsor

    He he hee anawkwa muzzle kama suarez
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  17. Nattydread

    Nattydread Village Sponsor

    Ati ni kama ameambiwa baada ya chakula ni yeye ataosha vyombo?:D:D:D
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  18. m245

    m245 Village Elder

    IMG_20170913_184928.jpg IMG_20170913_184928.jpg
  19. ranny

    ranny Village Elder

  20. Langat

    Langat Village Elder

    Remember WSR learned from the best: Moi and Raila. He diligently attended political classes and passed the practicals.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2017
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