Zimbabwe's electric powered vehicle, hybrid helicopter

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Sangulani Chikumbutso has become the first Zimbabwean to design and make an electric powered vehicle and a hybrid helicopter among other gadgets through his company SAITH Technologies. A Form 2 dropout Chikumbutso, who was born and bred in the high density suburb of Kuwadzana, left many people surprised and shocked as he demonstrated how the machines operate during the official launch in Harare on Monday. The biggest of his inventions is the Greener Power Machine (GPM) which is set to revolutionize the energy sector https://www.newsday.co.zw/2015/07/22/pictures-saith-unveils-a-helicopter/

SAITH Technologies founder and inventor Sangulani Max Chikumbutso stands by his two-seater helicopter which uses six different types of fuel.

The Saith Fully Electric Vehicle which was designed and made locally by Chikumbutso through Saith Technologies.
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nazitabaki huko hukooo. the market we have doesnot value that ruggedness of the landrover and jeep of 1936. even offroaders must have swag
Hehehe...ukweli but ouch! The fellows behind the project IMO took a very long route home. In their shoes, I'd rather have sought a licence from Toyota to manufacture/assemble one of the most popular Corollas in this market, the AE91 or AE100 and work from there. After all, didn't Peugeot continue assembling the 504 for Kenya & Nigeria for 20yrs after it had ceased production in the rest of the world?


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there is something here we are not being told. You want to tell me this guy innovated and developed all the parts and the beautiful body from scratch, something that usually takes decades for companies to develop and perfect. looks like a scam, actually that car is a toyota vitz. and if true this work is of an international company
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