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There is some illicit thing we used to drink in Kampala when super broke...ilikuwa inaitwa 'Coffee spirit'....after having 4 sachets you had to avoid your GF or feign Malaria for the next 5 days coz the body could not function.
Muhura Ndore
Muhura Ndore
Bado iko. Pare gikomba inauswa Kama fangi, chini ya maji. Unafaa kupelekwa na regular customers. Kamoja fefte tu. Hata konyagi orijino ya sachet iko
Sorry for whats happening to you, i have helped people in a far of worse potions than you
give me her name ,numbers, FB page , her workplace etc
and ill try my best to help you out

my question is
can you handle the truth ?

if not , it would be prudent to accept things as they are - forgive each other and move on
hey sir..i have a enquiry.what were you told after visiting ntsa upon the unsuccesful transfer in jun 2019
I was told that the previous owner submitted the logbook in a wrong format. We reloaded it and the process was breeze