Accident Alert: Nrb-Nkr highway


Village Elder
I hope you are not writing this because you own one. That strength in the car is what makes sure you are dead as dodo! The axios and belta are actually safer as they will disintegrate on impact saving the occupants atleast part of the damage that comes from the energy dissipated on impact. Do you understand what i am saying?:cool:
Crumble zone mpaka kwa rear seat? What is the ooint? Passenger cabin haipaswi kuwa part of crumble zone. Angalia hiyo wreckage vizuri.


Village Elder
Hii story ya bafu haikuwangi poa sana, I know a couple of friends and relatives who went to 'heaven' whilst taking their showers. I bet they were considered clean by st Paul..
This is one of the reason I hate those showers whereby you have to step in the bathtub. You can slip and fall very easily. Mimi nipe shower pekee nikisimama kwa floor.