After fearing for their lives...The Shocking Revelations of How MEMBERS Of The Most Dreaded Police Unit In Kenya Were Killed Like Rats. Part 3 & last.

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Credit: Mharo news.

Kwekwe squad remains the most dreaded and rightfully infamous police squad ever formed in recent times.

It has been held responsible for the deaths of hundreds in what would come to be termed as extra-judicial killings and many of the victims were suspected members of the equally dreaded Mungiki gang. Previously, the names and the size of the squad has been kept a secret but persistent efforts by journalists has finally led to the estimation of the group to be about twelve officers in what was a tight and pretty closed group.

The members of the group[ readily identified are Dickson Munene Mwangi, Zebedeo Maina, John Kariuki, John Gitahi, Bernard Kiriinya, Reche Nyagah, Richard Katola, John Njoroge and Kimatu Kyule Kisoloki.

Aside from their actions, what has also emerged as petrifying is the way the groups was dissolved and several members died in suspect and confounding circumstances. The group had been disgraced by the numerous human rights groups’ reports over its operations. The head of the squad, Zebedeo Maina then a Chief Inspector was shot in the head in Kitui Town where he was with other detectives allegedly pursuing kidnappers.

One of the officers he was with from Kwekwe squad Wendot is facing the murder charges though he says he is being set up a cover up for his boss’ death. Maina’s other two drivers died in suspicious circumstances too. His official driver, Kiriinya in 2008 was shot outside Sarit Center by fellow Kwekwe squad members after allegedly talking of the group’s activities an action they took as betrayal. He had deserted the group and shared information with KNHCR before claiming his life was in danger

Kyule Kisiloki according to police reports shot himself on the head while in Dadaab where he had been deployed as the director of criminal investigations. Another officer Sergeant Gitahi was ‘accidentally’ shot by fellow policemen in an operation against Mungiki in Banana though further perusal suggest otherwise.

His wife who was persistent in getting the truth was found dead in similarly mystifying circumstances. John Kariuki, Reche Nyagah (at the time of his death he was Mombasa head of CID) and Richard Katola have passed on after what is suspected to be poisoning as all were healthy men who suddenly developed liver complications leading to their deaths. The families it appears have also not been compensated.

It really as the Chief Justice once opined a Bandit country, where death seems to be lurking just a moment away and the hunter easily becomes the hunted.

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