Back to the hustle



Safe journey...been postponing every year to relocate to Toronto(half my relatives)are there juu sijazoea salary na bizna needs deep pockets pale..sijui niamue nivumilie for four years and come back with Passport
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Waaaaa minus 12 and me here am complaining coz it's only 2 degrees bt najua baridi bado inakamu

Hii nayo ni matusi / madharau to Kenyans
Matusi kiaje?? Truth is self evident. :D:D:D
No wonder someone rigged some poll :D:D
You are hitting back ain't you?
Not cool. I campaigned really hard and garnered a considerable following. Even the lobbyists assured me that the crown was mine. Only for an underage munchkin to steal my victory. I know what Fayulu is feeling right now.