Back to the hustle


Senior Villager
Safe journey...been postponing every year to relocate to Toronto(half my relatives)are there juu sijazoea salary na bizna needs deep pockets pale..sijui niamue nivumilie for four years and come back with Passport
Only Somalis understand value of us/Canadian/Australia passport.. Wanarudi kuishi Africa but have plan B at hand..if anything happens ashajitoa majuu


Village Elder
I bet this forum has peeps who've travelled and are still travelling for business, studying and leisure but given a chance to live abroad.... they choose Kenya. Indeed it's first world nahuko....but nothing beats our lovely country. Ebu niendelee kukaa huku Gakobu........
True, Kenya always. Have been to those countries. Lakini nyumbani ni tamu. Mwaka huu nataka nione Laos inakaaje.

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