Buying a Car...

Azor Ahai

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Get a CRV ama ata hiyo CX5.. hiyo beemer please acha!! My uncle has an x5 diesel inaekwanga kwa flat bed every other day akieka mafuta kwa a different petrol station. And my colleague with an X3 amekuwa akitumia uber kufika job since late April after masensor kumsumbua. Hizo costs za kufix mafailure za BMW si mcheso. Hiyo ni gari ya mtu ako na 3sok free at any given time.
You mean watu huendesha crossover SUVs bila a free 300k?? Hata mtu ako na premio should always have a free 300k lakini hii Nairobi imejaa wannabes.


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Avoid BMW or just German cars if you want reliability, or better get a brand new direct from the factory not used ones. Consider CX-5, CR-V, Forester, Kia Sportage, They are the best crossovers you can get without worrying about reliability, fuel consumption, na spare parts. Honda is king in reliability and consumption while Forester is great in performance and safety. CX-5 and Sportage are the average of the two. Most importantly avoid the hybrids kama ni second hand coz batteries zimechapa
Really, prado na hio budget. Thought you need atleast 5m
Utaget....Try Using SBT,2013 model...Utaget ata na 3.4m average...Ama try Auto Assista.....MHH ni expe...stating hapo 5m...but quality iko finer and wako na local reps pia....Its all about the tricks up your sleeves and "Quality" Aspect...


Most Prados 2700cc za 2012 zinacost around 24,000 USD in Japan. Add Shipping and Insurance to MSA Kshs. 250000. Duty for a good month 2012 is 978,000.. Therefore the cost of the Prado will cost around 3.8m.. If you get lower quality one, it will be around 3.6m
I was to buy a c200 Kompressor but nikafanya utafiti nikakuja kugundua german cars ni kama kununua shimo ya pesa, kwanza BMW ni meffi, very many plastic parts in the engine. Stay away from those machines kama unajua u dont earn atleast 300K per month. Subaru Forester is a very hardy car, kwanza the 2013 model can edge out a Prado in looks and street cred.


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You mean watu huendesha crossover SUVs bila a free 300k?? Hata mtu ako na premio should always have a free 300k lakini hii Nairobi imejaa wannabes.
Hakuna story na uwannabe hapa. Kuna watu wako na millions free at any time lakini haja gani kudedicate hiyo pesa yote kwa surprise mechanical problems. Hizo german sanasana BMW ni meffi kabisa. Ata as we speak kuna mgeni wa neighbour hapa 320i yake imebeat out of the blue. Alikuwa ameipark poa na sahii inampea hizo kosokoso za Kijerumani. Hizo ni gari unashinda umesomea owners manual kama exams na bado zinakuangusha.


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True. Mazda has not discovered panel treatment. Your suspension tower will fall off jkiwa pale Landhies road. Meffy cars on the major part. Low quality (and heavy steel), three engines across the whole line up (God damn it!).

Bloody shit!
wewe naona pia you have been a mazda owner...


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Planning to buy one, with leather seats, though was torn between the CRV, Mazda CX5, and Volvo X60. Budget not more than 2m direct import.
Get the CRV. Ikona power, its spacious, reliability iko sawa as long as you get the highest trim utapata leather seats, driver assist and others. Also consider Forester, may not be the best selling but kwa performance and everything else. AWD is standard and is best in safety and stability.