Campaigns Commercial Break - Nemanja Magic signs for Manchester United


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Possibly one of the worst kept secrets before Lukaku. Glad to have him at united in time for the friendly on wednesday.

Good signing, clearly a short term solution to our DM needs since its a three years contract. Anyway between Carrick and Matic we are good either way. On transfers we are 75% done, one more only remaining. Lukaku £75 million, Lindelof £30.75 million and Matic £40 million. Man Utd also earned £10 million for selling Januzaj and £7 million onward sell of Keanu to Everton. £128.5 million so far that less than what Man City spent on buying 3 fullback defenders.
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What about arsenal??
Arsenal were beaten in the the final of the Emirates cup and still won it...hehe..that is how bad they are. Lacazette looks hopeless on his own but I found that flat faced defender they got on a free to be above average. He is probably the best signing they have had so far.


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Rumours have it that we want to sign Serge Aurier from PSG

The club is just waiting for his court case to be decided
So that he can be 2nd choice Right back after Valencia. Here I give it 1 out of 5 it happens this season. Maybe next.
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The premier league will be very competitive, but if I ask why are the premier teams unable to compete with Spanish and Germans team. When playing against them they always come as underdogs