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I know of a guy who knew of his wife's sexcapades, planned an ambush and got the guy in question stark naked. Dangerous folk are always slow to anger. He had two men in tow with machetes shinning blades carefully concealed in the jacket. Ordered the wife to warm last night's chicken n prepare ugali for their visitors. The meal had a caveat on the unlikely visitor. Akule kila kitu mpaka mifupa, as you'd predict alipewa pieces tatu of the kuku delicacy. He obliged. Let's just say the machetes were not used. Twenty metres away, after being bid farewell, he fell down blood in mouth.
:eek::eek: kai! Wife ya msee Hatar sana


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Back in 2005 I married my first wife Carol. She was Brown and curvy. Met her when she used to sell chips mwitu in Maji mazuri Kasarani. She was a hustler. In the morning she use to prepare mandazi and chapatti later in the evening prepared chips mwitu. I was her regular customer. That time I had just cleared campus and I was a mjengo guy. Carol had a coast accent. She also had a a 1 year old daughter. After some moths we decided to stay together in my place . Blessings started following me , I got a job at Nairobi water and started making good money. It was all a dream. Good wife and a job. Carol now didn't need to work she was a housewife. We moved to a one bedroom house in Sunton kasa. My neighbours told me that a butchery guy used to come to my house while I was at work . I thought guys were jealous of me because my wife was hot. I remember well it was on a Thursday June 2006 9AM , I got a call from one of my neighbor that the butcher was at my house. I excused myself from work and headed back to kasa. I arrived safely and went straight to my house . The door was locked. I knocked and Carol opened the door , she had a leso only . When i entered I found "kama" a butcher naked on my bed . I took a panga which I kept under my bed ... Kama ran outside naked. I chased kama from Sunton Kasarani to Thika road. Luckily I didn't hurt anyone.............................................

Exactly this: