Checki Maneno....

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So I decided kama mbaya mbaya if i get rained on ni sawa tu.

So I pick my bike, call a fellow biker and we cruise down the road, obviously The.Black is leading this two man MO is to ride furiously towards nowhere. so Just before we get to nowhere, my fellow biker asks, shouting above the screaming wind, "Yo, The.Black where are we headed to..." and I raise my right hand and shout back, enter the forest and bang we were inside a forest.

I knew this was going to be an epic checki maneno moment. Let me not bore you with stories.

Here I met some other bikers who had bent the front rim of one of their bikes....we were able to offer some assistance. I am awesome like that


Pure epicness, ama niaje wasee hehe

Now a few facts about my bike:
1. The rims are double rims, meaning the bending them is next to impossible like that first pic.
2. The tire pressure of my bike is 35PSI, think about it.....yea exactly
3. When the brakes are fully engaged, the disk brakes heat up like those of a bugatti
Not open for further replies.