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  1. Tronjan

    Tronjan Village Elder

  2. Willy Matadi

    Willy Matadi Village Elder

    Uliza Joho na wenzake, ata hiyo PASS ni muhimu. You always have to go that extra mile to prove that you are not less competent in what you do, the bottom line is that you know and remain focused on what you want to do never resting until you achieve it. Otherwise you will get complacent with dropping everything you start at the slightest sign of a challenge.
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  3. Willy Matadi

    Willy Matadi Village Elder

    This is a professional course, I see nothing wrong with a pass and @Voltron hasn't said he needs it for job hunting, in the long run when you have been in a profession long enough no one bothers whether you got As or Ds performance is paramount, that's my experience.
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  4. Simiyu22

    Simiyu22 Village Elder

    This is okay what you say and is good for you. But all those you beat to the job at some point will get a job somewhere. In a year or two their experiences will match yours. Now if a higher position comes up in a different institution and you all apply, they have a slight advantage over you because they have a degree and you dont.
    I say to always complete that first degree, even for psychological purposes.
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  5. omhangla

    omhangla Village Elder

    A very close friend of mine got a pass in bsc general. First job safcom, second with a local bank, third with an international organisation out of the country, fourth another international organisation in different country paying thrice the salo. The wife also got a pass in engineering, started as an intern in an energy parastatal and currently on permanent. These are guys who grew up in village and don't know big people. For myself at least once a week I have to feel bad why am not finishing that masters after I did coursework in 2013 and got As in all 90% of units. Shida ni project which am always procrastinating. Have lost so many big opportunities because don't have that paper
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  6. madova

    madova Village Elder

    Wasee wanabonga kuhusu pass.
    I have a cuzo who did certificate in automotive saa hii ile ndoo anashika wacha tu.
    The guy specialized on those huge cranes you see kwa port .
    Nigguh earns and lives like king.
    Moral of the story is what drives you and what you love doing.
    Which course in engineering coz I did one na sijawai rudi tena but the certifications nimepata over the years are a mark of respect among my peers.
    Maliza course buda boss.
    The rest will take care of themselves.
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  7. Mark Maish

    Mark Maish Village Elder

    You should finish that degree. Your professors were First Class students but see how miserable their lives are while their Pass counterparts are the guys who own huge companies that land inflated tenders thus mint millions.

    I graduated top in my Civil Engineering class & got registered by EBK, however, I have never practiced and never intend to. I just use that piece of paper to justify why I charge premium rates for my services in a totally different line of business.

    Man, don't deny yourself the perks & opportunities that come with being called bwana engineer.
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  8. Willy Matadi

    Willy Matadi Village Elder

    Without the certificate you wouldn't get the opportunity to impress your employer with your performance. There is no worthless certificate, all some employers require is a certificate of participation.
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  9. Miss Finest Wine

    Miss Finest Wine Village Elder

    He should go back to school but just so that he does not have that unfinished business thing around his neck since he said he is doing well already.
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  10. mhandisi

    mhandisi Village Elder

    Maliza hiyo degree kijana. Achana na hii maneno ya grade. It's meaningless after 2 yrs out. Attitude and experience is everything. I am an Engineer, never got those 1st class or fancy grades in Uni, but I've worked hard and consider myself stable and successful. Don't be a lazy shit.
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  11. Sitakiupusi

    Sitakiupusi Senior Villager

    Yaani uliamua ni 1 story a month kwa hiyo blog yako...ebu wacha mchezo..
  12. Giggz

    Giggz Village Elder

    And not only finish but put the best effort in the remaining papers.
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  13. Hydra

    Hydra Senior Villager

    ubingwa pande ya madem ndio uko nayo mingi na unashindwa na masomo??? enda andika hekaya ingine ya madem
  14. Miss Finest Wine

    Miss Finest Wine Village Elder

    Indeed. One of my nephews decided to drop out of Uni up North in Liverpool as he hated his Econ degree so much. The Dad nearly walked there ....he does not use it as he does other stuff but the cert is there should he ever need it.
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  15. Mark Maish

    Mark Maish Village Elder

    :) I took a break to concentrate on some biz, nonetheless, I'm still publishing 2-3 stories a day on my FB page. You Should check them out.
  16. Luther12

    Luther12 Village Sponsor

    :)A former classmate wanted to drop out of Med School UoN. His dad got wind of it somehow. Na vile kulikuwa na shida ya magari enzi hizo, guess who knocked on his hostel door before dude had even had breakfast one rainy morning? :D
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  17. Miss Finest Wine

    Miss Finest Wine Village Elder

    Dad,!!!! woooi opening the door and seeing Dad ain't always funny in student digs and the possibility of finding a chic in the digs was killing me. :DSis and I had to tag along to keep the peace. Alimaliza but boy hates the field....I keep telling him put it under the bed. He says cert smells of the lib where he lived 90% of the time.
    Huyu mbuyu amalize hii kitu.
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  18. Doc Oga

    Doc Oga Village Elder

    I dropped out before my last semester in search for greener pastures, however I enrolled in January and have successful completion just for the papers useful for a backup just in case.
  19. dalimutu

    dalimutu Village Elder

    WawawA....been contemplating quitting my PhD..
  20. Miss Finest Wine

    Miss Finest Wine Village Elder

    Hiyo I recommend you quit ikiwa you have not gone too far. Not worth the pain.