Explain it to Guka Like He is Two, Please

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There's something that has been 'bugging' me. Please explain it to me like am a two-year old.

Back in the day the Internet was about just having a laptop and a good connection. You could go to any website and read stuff.


NMG. Jumia. OLX. Etc, etc

Sasa swali yangu ni; Is this business of downloading Apps some sort of con (bundles!)? What's it all about? Could some Apps be loaded with spyware? And if I download Apps for a 100 sites, won't they affect the performance of my HP Envy?

***, what are Apps anyway?

(Please be very very very simple. I was born before the Internet)

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Please answer all the questions for me. WHY DOES EVERYBODY WANT ME TO DOWNLOAD THEIR APP, for instance?
It happens when you're using a phone or a tablet so uwache kuleta mambo ya hp envy guka. Anyways, app developers make somw money from the apps you have just like websites. The only advantage with native apps is how they can interact or notify you of something without your input.
u can take a msee wa ocha out of ocha bt u cannot take the uochaness out of him.

Mtu wangu nilikuwa nauliza tu. Kwa kweli sikuwa naelewa juu wa kila ad siku hizi naskia wakisema nidownload app, but as somebody has explained, that's ONLY FOR MOBILE DEVICES.

We learn throughout life, sawa?


100 apps kwa simu damn unless uko na simu ya 2.something gigs processor, ram ya 3gb+ na power bank ya 30000mah juu your battery wont last beyond 4hrs. most website apps are poorly designed/coded hence they are data/power/ram hogs. plus you will be getting millions of notifications. just access them via a web browser no need to install the native apps unless you frequently use that site and also if the app makes exploring it easier. for news sites i suggest downloading an rss app then subscribing to their feeds. facebook,twitter,tumblr access them from the web browser


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your phone browser (which is itself an app) is quite limited in what it can do. A stand-alone app on the other hand can pretty much do anything (intercept texts, vibrate, pull news items...). also, because it is a walled garden, the app owner can bombard you with whatever they desire. finally, you can enter an agreement with Google to push adverts through your app for which you get paid
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