First car Toyota 110?


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thinking of getting a Toyota 110...cost about 200k...for a first car thoughts?
This is what you do. Keep your money on the ready. Then do a lot of searching. Hutakosa mtu ako in distress anataka kudispose. Alternatively check places kama karen, sarit center, na village market unaweza gari mzuri ya hiyo pesa.
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Lots of bad advice. Tafuta 110 which is clean. They are still there and not cheap. Will set you off around 320k. Be keen on the engine and basic parts. You will enjoy your money's worth!


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A relative has owned one since I think 2005 nikiwa bado high school..and she is not the most diligent ikikuja kwa maintenance and shit yet the car is still driving along. Recently she was to travel to Kisii and she requested I have it checked at a mechanic before the journey. Engine was ok only thing done was replacing her cv joints and doing wheel alignments. Che checked her service history and she had last serviced the car in 2015. So I believe its a pretty simple solid car as a first ride .If in good condition get it.