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  1. Ngimanene na nyeni

    Ngimanene na nyeni Senior Villager

  2. gashwin

    gashwin Village Sponsor

  3. Ngimanene na nyeni

    Ngimanene na nyeni Senior Villager

    In Spain, a week ago
  4. fisi fc

    fisi fc Village Elder

  5. amun

    amun Village Elder

    shait, am trying to imagine getting caught up in that while taking a stroll with no where to run
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  6. Soprano

    Soprano Village Elder

    Mvua ya mahindi. :):)
  7. gerh ngo

    gerh ngo Senior Villager

  8. 123tokambio

    123tokambio Village Sponsor

    Ya mahindi iko kenya. Hio ndio ya mawe sasa
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  9. 123tokambio

    123tokambio Village Sponsor

    Yaani Kondoo na venye ina kichwa ngumu na enough wool na bado inanyuria hapo hapana macheso...
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  10. Liberty

    Liberty Village Elder

    Wha! that was serious man.
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  11. 4makind

    4makind Village Elder

    Very interesting times ahead as world leaders continue to ignore and taking half hearted measures towards addressing global warming.........

    Nature can do without humans
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  12. The.Black.Templar

    The.Black.Templar Village Elder

    Waah, raining missiles.....
  13. Randy

    Randy Village Elder

    Holy crap!!!
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  14. The.Black.Templar

    The.Black.Templar Village Elder

    Actually its said that we are living in one huge ice age, its just that we are in a calm season, but accelerating into the cold season faster
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  15. EngineerLMG

    EngineerLMG Village Elder

    Mi niliambiwa kukinyesha hivyo, unatupa chumvi kidogo nje ili iishe.
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  16. karema-hitI

    karema-hitI Village Elder

    Maybe its God sending them a message. Watu wa 310 mko wapi??
  17. Zee

    Zee Village Elder

    mungu ameamua kuchapa watu mangoto
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  18. byro

    byro Village Elder

    happens all the time in south africa. ukiona kama inaanza unatoka mbio ama unatake cover chini ya gari wailing loudly.
  19. 4makind

    4makind Village Elder

    do you have a documentary on this?
  20. Mathaais

    Mathaais Village Sponsor

    Wewe huoni vile gari imefanywa?