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Heavy gunfire as police battle gang in Kenol


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For close to five hours now, police are battling suspected robbers in rental building in Kenol town, Murang’a County.
Heavy gunfire can be heard metres away from the building in which the suspected criminals are holed up.
Officers trailed the gang to the rental building on Saturday morning after a robbery in the capital Nairobi.

When the gang realized the officers had entered the building at around 9am, they opened fire.

Some of the tenants scampered for safety as police evacuated others as they prepared to take on the shooters.

Some residents told the Nation that the gang could be holding some tenants hostage.

The gun fight has attracted a mammoth crowd, including Murang'a leaders, who are milling around the scene of crime.


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I have never understood why people decide to stand there and spectate a gunfight.
Alafu a stray bullet kills one of them wanaaanza oooh serikali sijui nini! upusu!!
It's stupidity of the highest order. A stray bullet should hit one of them iwe funzo
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