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Female Perspective

It turns out the great female in the village is finally expecting... Can I get an Amen or may be 9 ululations!!!

To my surprise the only thing I seem to enjoy is sleep... And even after a long night in bed I'm still tired as f**k!

My main worry is my damn sexy waistline... Call me superficial but it must remain intact... How? Sijui...On a brighter note, my tight ass gon be big and my tiny boobs be Supremes...I'll be the talk of my little town, finally she's blossoming into a fine woman before I start showing.

To mothers and fathers in the village tafasari share your experiences... Eeh Google ain't enough...

To those who fancy a pregnant woman am here for you... tumblr_inline_miwj7w0kk61r8gdrh.png tumblr_inline_miwj7w0kk61r8gdrh.png
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I consider pregnant women damn sexy!! Especially when they are like over 6 months cos they ar3 usually so full of life...... FP al look for you when the bulge cant be missed and when ua waist line will be long gone


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Congrats girl. Its not easy but it can be if you have a caring spouse. Your bundle of joy will make you forget the worst experience. Experiences differ. I lived on fresh juice alone for the entire period. I hated it. But thanks God I am beyond that cycle now.
All the best girl
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