How do you help such men?

This is rich coming from a fool who spends much of his tym idling kwa kijiji, wanaume wakitafuta mbeca ww uko hapa commenting non stop, i mean how do u post more than 1500 messages yet you joined kijiji on june, i might add your post r shit, baba tulia. You are a loser, living on your mother's basement. Get your hands off ur ass n hustle, mdomo mingi achia kina mama, umbwa, ghaseer, stop protecting ur homosexual tendencies on us.


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An ex called me talking all lovey dovey, hio time nimeweka blur pause nategea afike point yake.

She then casually hints at how all she wants is my seed.. the f**k.. Mimi niishi summons fida? Mimi nirudie meffi?..

I told her I'd pray on it
1. This man who obviously has a cabbage for a brain is entitled to his romantic idealisms, Bluepilled or not.
2. The fact that most men find this setup objectionable (a man raising another man's child) even when the man in question has no qualms about it tells of the angst that most men suffer.
3. A sucker is born in the world every ticking minute. You can let this fact make you despondent about the human race or you can let this very fact make you a millionaire.
Think of the guys at Twitter. They are smiling all the way to the bank knowing that insufferable ignoramuses like this one are using their forum.
When you see a fool, see a business opportunity, of course, unless the fool is someone you care about.


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Blue pill conditioning in our society is on overdrive! Only the strong shall survive. Scarcity mentality ni mbaya sana. Mimi juzi tu one of my many ex-girlfriends started pestering na maswali za kijinga kama, "Unajua kitambo when we were together hatukuelewana but saa hii nataka tu kukuzalia please" ......

She expects to think of it like its the greatest honor than one can bestow upon me, yet i already know her dark whoring past.