I Sliced My Cousin

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Village Chief
Ooh Gashwin, it was you?
That hekaya of a brothers wife who was taking a shower in one of those rural bathrooms, saw a lizard and screamed thinking it was a snake. Guy came to the rescue, found her naked and as they say, the rest was history. Was that you?
wasn't a brother...cousin
Kwa wale ambao wanaelewa what mutually exclusive events are, ndio hii moja. I can actually come up with a formula to prove hii ni hekaya.
Yenyewe watoto ni wengi huku kwa kijiji.
Let me give you an education younglins,before mobile phone came to Kenya,we used to communicate with radios. Working with a delivery company then,it was easy to call up a delivery crew and get things done.And before you start asking which radios,its the kind of radios the police use. So it was possible to have anything delivered pronto.

The sadness of the young people these days is thinking nothing happened before they grew up...
What came before the other, pizza delivery or mobile phones? U earlier stated that there were no mobile phones. To my recollection they started delivering pizzas the other day...
To your recollection. But I did not say the pizza was delivered by the pizza guys,did I?
The pizza was delivered through other means.
Why are you all so monochromatic?
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