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Who is shooting at who or rather what are they shooting at????

Are those Kenyan soldiers???

It could be a training exercise of sorts for all we know.
I also think that this is a training.

It looks so calm, frontlines are usually with some chaos kiasi.

Sioni wakitake cover saaana, as if hakuna incoming fire.

Kama kuna `lights` from the other side, ungejua kuna incoming fire.
These d- mboys with their few months paramilitary training are no match for these Turkana, Pokots and Marakwets bandits who've grown up around guns, violence and hardship all their lives. It doesn't help that the gova is nowhere to be found ni swoop down once in a while kulevy taxes and take off. So these people are forced to fend for themselves.

Like someone said hapo juu hii problem needs a resolute Ironman president design ya Moi else sioni ikiisha for at least another generation


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You're trying to be amusing instead you're coming off as ignorant, the pokot use the herd of cattle as shields.

They tie sacks round the animal and are basically cradled like a child, and from that camouflage position they become extremely lethal.
You grammar stinks to begin with.. secondly you are the most illiterate person in the land... ongea tu kiswahili uachane na kujiabisha.. santee