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Anybody with info bout joining kdf cadets. I have a degree and wonder should I apply for the cadet or specialist positions. What is the pay for cadets and or specialists.


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my opinion...inakuanga tu kujuana...adverts in the paper are just a formality!! they pay well , a secon lieutenant earns around 80-90k


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If you no tall guy or not willing to part with not less than 300k.
Don't even think about it.
You might be shortlisted but I can assure you will not survive the two weeks.
The least you can get is 70.
They have specialists,tradesmen and those who will do a military degree and become professional soldiers. What is your degree all about
Hivi ndio nilielezwa kitambo.... General Service Officers is equivalent of Officer Cadets....unaanza na rank ya 2nd Lieutenant....then onwards to 1st Lieutenant..then...Captain....Major ...etc depending on the branch of Military you serve on...and other factors that will affect your career when you get commissioned as an Officer in the arned forces...initial training is 6 months..then after that pass out mnaendelea hio ya three years....commission ya kwanza ni 10 years...meaning you cant quit mpaka hizo miaka kumi ziishe...hawa ndio career officers leading enlisted and service men kwa vita.....(kama utakuwa infantry 2nd Lieutenant you will be leading a platoon of 42 service men) but there are others like artillery,armour, ordenance, helicopter,transport,signals etc etc kwa Army...then Airforce and Navy hv their own tracks.... if the Gods and politicians are good utafika mpaka General....starting salary ni kama 120k

Sasa hio ingine ya specialists officers training ni kidogo tu ya 4 months kufundishwa tu ku march and discpline kidogo...Your initial starting rank officer rank is much higher than a second lieutenant.... there is a rank which huwezi fika...sasa hawa ndio wanakuwa desk officers like doctors , engineers, lawyers,chaplain.....the military hasn't trained you on those careers...
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[QUOTE=".....(kama utakuwa infantry 2nd Lieutenant you will be leading a platoon of 42 service men) [/QUOTE]
42 service men ni wengi sana...........hawa ndio wale wanapiga piga simu nyumbani kila usiku hadi anachukuliwa na sniper wa alshababes............alafu huto tu ndege twa chinese tunaanguka bure....your best should be the navy
To be in Infantry 2nd Lieutenant you have have to be a leader of men....your word is the Law and plus you have a Senior Sergent and Warrant officer to enforce your decisons...its the best training ground in Leadership and War...thats why most Men leading UN Peace keeeping missions come from the Infantry..The Infantry is the back bone of any army..