kenya government wants "MPESA" dead not sportpesa


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safaricom shud think twice on this. VISA is working AIRTEL is betting, EQUITEL is depositing to sportpesa, PAYPAL is transfering money to the same.............. THEY WANT MPESA DEAD


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The government said that betting companies paid a total of only Kshs 4 billion in taxes last year but today Sportpesa guy Mr Karauri said they paid Kshs 6.4 billions in taxes last year.
I don't like betting but when it comes to trust, I just can't trust the Kenyan government to tell the truth.
According to the firm, in 2018, it made a revenue of Sh20 billion paying taxes worth Sh6.4 billion and a profit of Sh9 billion.
In 2018, Sportpesa says it spent Sh693 million in football, Sh600 million in rugby, Sh75 million in boxing and Sh2.8 million in rallying.
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