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Should I alert Kenya Power?

  1. Yes, do it promptly.

    3 vote(s)
  2. No, keep enjoying free electricity.

    15 vote(s)
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  1. Deorro

    Deorro New Villager Staff Member

    Lights za bedroom/sito/kitchen/loo na bathroom/, telly, decoder, music, toaster, pasi once in a week for like 5 mins max, kucharge simu once a day, laptop na router ya wifi cc @Yule Karis Black
  2. Deorro

    Deorro New Villager Staff Member

    @Ole_Wenu tumia tu usiseme lakini every month lipia units worth 200 hivi to cover for the fixed charge cost which I think huwa kitu 170 hivi Otherwise usipolipa siku wataifix utalipia ya hizo miezi zote
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  3. Eng'iti

    Eng'iti Village Elder

    Ole wako io interface ina kasoro, ikibaki hivo for more months ujue standing charge zinaongezeka.
  4. Mimi pasi daily, coffee maker daily, old fridge na hizo zako minus toaster
  5. shocks

    shocks Village Elder

    9units per day adds up to less than 5500 per month. when my kid was a few weeks old that was normally my bill coz. of room heating
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  6. upepo

    upepo Village Elder

    There is no way they can notice. Some houses go without tenants for years but they don't bother. The next step now should be to use the power in every conceivable way. Unaweza at anza kupika chapati na githeri upatie mama wa kiosk compe.
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  7. kasaman

    kasaman Village Elder

    Better report. When they suspect you ,ofcourse using their computer system, based on your average consumption you will be hit hard ...you will just come here crying !
  8. Walker

    Walker Village Elder

    Kwangu we use 3 units a day with appliances like 11 bulbs, TV, decoder, Fridge iko on 24/7, shower ni instant heater, 2 phones charged daily, pasi every weekday, laptop charged occasionally.
    Efficiency of appliances is a major factor in consumption.
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  9. Ole_Wenu

    Ole_Wenu Village Elder

    Thanks for the business idea.
  10. snapdragon

    snapdragon Village Elder

    Speaking of units i tried buying za 200 jana and they sent me this upus Screenshot_2017-01-07-11-15-36.png
  11. Zee

    Zee Village Elder

    kwani hujanunua tokens for two months
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  12. WuTang

    WuTang Village Sponsor

    Kuna doo za fixed charges.
  13. Deorro

    Deorro New Villager Staff Member

    thats why nimeambia jamaa hapo juu alipie fixed charges. ni kama wanadai fixed charges ya this month kutoka kwako
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  14. Deorro

    Deorro New Villager Staff Member

    true, watu watumie energy saver bulbs waachane na za fifte
  15. snapdragon

    snapdragon Village Elder

    Hahahah hakuna ata kafridge ivi ..fridge ni muhimu kwa bachelor kuweka maleftover ivi na konyagi
  16. Wepukhulu

    Wepukhulu Village Elder

    Ukuwe ukilipa kitu ka 300/- kila mwezi kuwafunga macho, bure utakujiwa wakati balancing HQ itakataa kuingiana
  17. Deorro

    Deorro New Villager Staff Member

    :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D tulia hiyo ni vision 2017.
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  18. Web Dev

    Web Dev Village Elder

    Mathaais you are a peasant without an oven, a sizeable fridge and no bath tub.
  19. @Web Dev kuja ona hii muchinga nanunua tokens kidogo kama airtime. Wewe utatuambukiza ufukara hapa
  20. The.Black.Templar

    The.Black.Templar Village Sponsor

    Mimi siwezi sema....they f**k us up everyday and when luck finally shines on me nijipeleke mbele neffa effa. ION I know of a house unit yake imeshinda 20 for the last three years!
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