Kenyan Women Listen...

Andrew Kibe

Senior Villager
Yeah, I've called you out. I want to drop some truth bombs on you. Acheni kusumbua watu.
Kenyan chiles are a funny lot. They are super entitled and completely removed from the reality of their environment. They are also not very sharp.
I want to speak about transactional sex that is they way these women want things to operate. Unlike anywhere else in the World, Kenyan women literally expect goodies in the form of money as direct exchange for sex. Now you know this is prostitution. Why can't you do indirectly? Like other women all over the world. You bomoa a Chile and less than 24 hrs she wants "favors." Yaani bomoaring a Kenyan Chile is getting into a debt. No wonder most of them are single. Guys will runnnnn from that.
Yaani imefika mahali it's normal for this Chiles to have contacts of men who dish out money. In other countries women cheat for attention and for good d*ck. Full stop. In Kenya, women cheat for money. Anyway who has been chased by road trip ratchets will you that Kenyan women will suck your d*ck for wards of cash. Yaani you fear having a daughter.
Do this ladies, do an introspection. You cannot want a man while living like that. Hiyo sahau. Mambo ya transactional sex tumekataa, no wonder most of you are sexually starved. You have no attachment to the sex. You're getting bomolewad na wewe you're thinking of how to word that "nifanyie favor" text.
Tumekataa. You will remain single and lonely.


As Kenyan women, or feminist depending on who you are talking to, we refuse to listen, reason or attempt any type of conversation with a grown middle aged man who calls a vagina "nunu".
This Andrew Kibe reminds me of a caliber of middo crass Nairobi men who are to be avoided at all costs. They use irritating sheng phrases such as ‘I kulad,’ ‘she semad’ they have a tendency of adding letter (d) to any verb, sooo annoying! :DIf you must speak sheng, use the real Eastlando chokosh dialect not this upper middle class sheng. It’s retarded. Any grown man in his 30s who talks like that I’ve found to be a sissified mama’s boy.