Kenyans don't disappoint.


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Being a female public figure in Kenya sio jokes. Once I saw a man who had insulted Kambua because she said , her husband and her were not able to conceive after several years of marriage. Wah!!! I was like surely, who on earth , let alone a grown man can sit behind a keyboard and insult somebody like Kambua. Nakwambia alimtusi mpaka nikashindwa whats up are you really ok? After he began others followed suit. I remember after that incident during a brunch with a male friend who is a Psychology PhD , I asked him, why are Kenyan men too hostile towards women. Akanishow usually lower status males are more hostile towards females and its also a symptom of economic frustrations so when they see women who they perceive to be lower status than men doing better in terms of status, its a threat as well as a reminder of their lower status or economic frustration. He cited for me research on domestic violence in the slum areas vs the rest. So nikiona mtu akitusi a woman who makes a living acting as a househelp that tells me how low the status of such a man is. I dont think a man who is fulfilled in life can really waste his energy talking shit to or about others let alone women. These men who talk shit to these female celebs are just frustrated men. Especially economically. Btw Kambua is now pregnant, so sijui watamuinsult na nini sasa.
sasa si Hio ni desire yake. na si ni yeye anahojiwa.. Beats me really with Kenyans, nikama yall get medals being savage online.

yani huwezi nyamaza tu. just that simple.
Unakuta keyboard warrior iko online fb 24/7 probably kwa nyumba ya mamake, just to blat out whatever deluded crap that is currently filling their mind then he eats, wanks, watches tv then goes to sleep smh.

anyway siwalaumu. Its the current joblessness hitting the nation