Ktalk birrionaires, mumejenga panic rooms ndani ya mansions zenu? 2022 katanuka.

Imesemekana all vehicle owners are part of dynasty. Kina @BBIsiMuhimu wako na ubaya raundi hii. They just can't understand how you can afford to buy and fuel a whooooole vehicle when they can't save 20k in an entire year. It's simply unacceptable. "The wealth must be fairly redistributed buana!", I hear Yunomi proclaim as he starts shaking a spray paint can vigorously. Then again, inaeza kuwa kina kibicho wakifanya ile mambo yao kama tulivyoelezewa na kasuku sonko.



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It is obvious that Kieleweke has taken the battle to Tanga Tanga... But it is not a good sign for this nation... I can predict that this will result in serious damage to properties and possible loss of lives before the rallying call is banned by the same Kieleweke leaning system. I hate the hustler/ dynasty narrative because the fools are left to define what it means... i mean someone who owns an old Merc cannot be called Dynasty or even rich in Kenya to be harrassed.. and possibly the owner took a loan to buy the jalopy! To a slum dweller, even someone driving a Corolla NZE has made it in life to be labelled dynasty!

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Politicians in Kenya have shown they will stop at nothing to gain power. This thing can easily get a life of its own and this country will go up in flames. We have the world's most stupid politicians after Somalia.


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I can bet the will bankroll this until Tanga Tanga watii... But even then, it is a stupid thing to make the social divisions a rallying call in a poor country with so many unemployed idle fellows...
It's passionate and WSR took hold of the citizens resentment to build such a huge movement.

Don't be stupid. Sonko himself said that they are good at sabotaging. Both teams cojld be responsible
Why would you sabotage yourself?

why shoot yourself on the foot?

The Nakuru incident was a crisis that taught someone somewhere how to spread fear, this will be used again and again in order to retain the middle class on the side of the ruling class.