Meaning of our avatars

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Well,Since i have just finished my lunch from hello food after a busy day.
It got me thinking,since everyone has choosen an avatar we all must have chosen it for a reason right?
And for those who dont have yet what is their reason too.
My question is what doeas yours mean.
Mine is quite simple.
Rough on the outside but very soft for those who deserve it.


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Nini tena buda boss,Nimeuliza swali tu.
i like dem bones with meat....
hmmmmm,We the curves speak more than words but to me this what you aspire and dream about all day my brother.
Ayah??? Psychology Bulletin tena???!!!
Hamna kitu kama hiyo ni swali tu.
Mine means unpredictable, observant, action oriented
Alright noted thanks.
Tumesema mara ngapi hatucrik rink kama hizi

Mzee mzima

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Mine means a ladies man :D:D Shabby but still gets all the hoes, the mr steal your girl kind of man, the type of guy who is gentle to the ladies, the one liner kind of guy Ok I believe you get the drift
Gus Fring was a great villain. What made him so dangerous was his low key, pleasant demeanor that masked his precise operation as a drug kingpin. Fring had little to no boundaries. He ordered people dead and he killed people personally that we know of. Who knows what Fring was doing before he left Chilie and took on a new identity?

Fring's weakness was his drive for revenge and his enjoyment from continually torturing Hector. Fring was very smart. gUSTAVO fRING.jpg Giancarlo Esposito's face really showed how Fring was putting things together and realizing the gambit that threatened him. Still, Fring wasn't smart enough to keep his up and coming chemist Gale Boetticher more safe and secure.

Walter White may end up being a bigger villain than Fring in the end. But, Fring's ice cold and ruthless ability to run a underground drug operation for years gives him the edge as a more dangerous villain.
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