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In the good old days, I followed the ways of Kidinyi, Uwes et al. in dry frying thick and juicy, yellow yellow momos, sometimes from some dingy locations in CBD. Despite my NV status, I always read about the escapades of the elders as an unregistered k-talker. I was happy and always healthy, got tested regularly, and used PEP.

Then, I decided to turn a new leaf and follow the advice of Georgina Makena, get a faithful mama and settle. I met this lady at Tune Hotel, Westi. Well educated, yellow-yellow, member of a church choir, and a PHD candidate. Went for a few dates, thought nimeangukia. I did what a normal kisii guy would not do, prepared candle lit dinner, put matching decors, etc. After the chic ingiad box, nilimbeba hadi kwa room. Nikamfyeka kufyeka, reached kijiji threshold, took my PEP, sent her on her way.

Three days later, maze I go to msalani and peeing pains like hell. I could not believe this, 10 years of dry frying akina njeri, wairimu, and mama njoki pale SJ and still clean. Then i play mechi with a middle-class slay queen and pap, "kisosh aka Gonococcus" pays a visit. I went to a clinic in some funny part of town, got tested by another msenge practitioner, who darad more than examined my tool. Got a shot and medications and warned not to put my tool inside a snake pit. Luckily, it was just a UTI and not anything serious.

Lessons learnt: you are more likely to get some funny disease from the neighborhood chic than a harlot. PEP prevents HIV and not his nasty brothers akina kisosh, and that kuma ni kuma iwe ya mnati, mshamba, au slay queen, bora ni safi.


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Kijana PEP si maharagwe ama P2 I would advise you to look for PreP aka pre-exposure prophylaxis . PreP has much less side effects compared to PEP secondly even though some people don't get side effects from PEP its advisable to use PreP since it is much more effective compared to PEP especially if taken daily up to around (97-98%).
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Mista man do you mean PREP? Coz PEP isn’t advisable mtu kumeza venye unasema hapa ati you take kama actal tums. That thing has a very serious side effect


Was talking to a doc friend akanishow siku hizi prep is the in thing.
She was once performing a cs on a confirmed HIV positive lady akajikata with the surgeon's knife but she ended up negative thanks to the drugs (PEP, I think).
daktari na ogandawala ni different
Pep should be taken for 28 days na utapewa dose ya 1 week pekee, you have to go for your dose weekly.
Pep is taken after exposure(PostExposureProphylaxis) lakini pia Kuna Prep which is taken some days before mnyanduano, for more info fika kwa kituo karibu nawe